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Whelen Sling 1"

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The American Full-Grain Leather 1" Whelen Sling is a tight-fitting military-style sling that contributes to accuracy. This sling comes in chestnut tan leather, with solid brass hardware.

 Swivels NOT included, Items Sold Separately

The Hunter Company has been building quality leather holsters, belts, and accessories right in Westminster, Colorado USA since 1952. Each item is handcrafted by skilled American workers with their craftsmanship being passed down to future generations. Some of our longest-standing employees have been with us for over forty years. Hunter prides itself in offering an American made product at an affordable price for the consumer. We look forward to providing for fellow sportsmen and women for years to come.


Made in the USA - Since 1952

Customer Reviews

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THE shooting sling for hunters

It's really a shame that use of the shooting sling has almost become a lost art because it really does do wonders for accurate shooting from any field position in which the elbows are supported. The Whelen sling was designed by Mister Rifleman himself, Colonel Townsend Whelen, as the hunter's lighter, quicker, and easier alternative to the good old USGI military Model 1917 leather sling. The Whelen sling was the late, great Jack O'Connor's absolute favorite and he wrote, "Every game shot who takes his shooting seriously owes it to himself to get a good sling, then learn how to adjust it and use it." This is a stout, robust leather copy of the Whelen, built to last, and all my hunting rifles wear one. The only bad thing I can say about this product, as noted by others, is that the included instructions are pretty well worthless. But Townsend Whelen's book The American Rifle is available free on-line and the chapter entitled "Holding and Firing Positions" tells everything you need to know about the M1917 and Whelen slings and their use.

Great sling

This looks to be a quality sling. I ha ent used as yet. It will be placed on a Win 88 243 caliber rifle that I am having built with a high cheek, mannlicher style stock. Can't wait to share photos of the final product.

Yes I would buy again

Works good should have a long service life

Great sling, will buy more for my future rifles

Great sling

Installed on a Target model Ruger 10-22 rifle. Perfect!

My Ruger 10-22 is the heavy barreled target model, with 1" old-style fixed sling swivels. This sling fits perfectly, quality is very good and it is easy to adjust. If you use a sling for shooting, as well as for a carrying strap, this will work for you.