Consumer Safety Information


CAUTION: Please read and follow the following before handling, operating or retaining these products.

Use of any handgun can be dangerous and may cause SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. No person should handle a firearm unless they have successfully passed an accredited firearms safety course. Great care is essential at all times, especially when holstering or drawing from any holster.

When purchasing a new handgun be sure to read all safety instructions which accompany it before using the handgun in conjunction with any Hunter product.

Hunter products are carefully designed and manufactured. Hunter uses the best available materials to perform their intended function properly with the firearms for which they are designed and marked.

Consult the instructions package contained in the firearms packaging to match the firearm. Do not use Hunter products with firearms for which they are not designed or marked. Hunter holsters are designed for use ONLY with standard factory handguns. Do not use Hunter products with firearms that have been modified or customized or otherwise changed from the original manufacturer’s specifications.

Any modification greatly increases the likelihood of an accidental discharge. This could result in death or serious physical injury to the user or bystander.

Customized or modified firearms include but are not limited to installation of trigger shoes, hammers and wide target triggers, custom grip wraps, grip adaptors, additions of tape or elastic bands to the grip, sight ribs, extended safeties, compensators and internal “action jobs” which compromise the manufacturer’s intended safety. THIS WARNING APPLIES EVEN IF THE AFTERMARKET ACCESSORIES ARE OFFERED BY THE MANUFACTURER.

After purchasing your Hunter holster, please become familiar with your Hunter holster’s safety features. Test your Hunter holster by inserting an unloaded firearm to ensure proper fit. Double check the magazine to make sure it has been removed and the firing chambers are empty. You should familiarize yourself with the holster’s safety features. When necessary break in the holster. Some holsters, both nylon and leather, contain adjustable safety straps which must be adjusted tightly to secure the handgun in the holster. Never adjust a holster when the handgun is loaded. You must PERIODICALLY check to be sure the safety strap is completely tight and remains fastened.


DO NOT use any Hunter product with any firearm that has been improperly maintained or has been abused. If your Hunter product becomes defective or if you have any questions regarding its maintenance or adjustment, CEASE use of the product and immediately contact customer service at 303-427-4626.

The handgun must be firmly in the holster. The snaps and/or straps originally incorporated must be used. Do not use another manufacturer’s straps or snaps. The retention strap and/or tension screw must be tightly adjusted in a position which securely holds the handgun in position in the body of the holster. Using the original straps and snaps provides the maximum security and safety. The Hunter holster requires periodic inspection to ensure proper fit, form and function. No holster is completely secure from a handgun being removed by another person or from coming out during vigorous activity. It is the user’s responsibility to exercise proper gun retention policies.


Additional safety warnings: Keep your finger off the trigger when drawing and holstering. NEVER HOLSTER A COCKED FIREARM. Always control the muzzle on your firearm when drawing and holstering. Never point the muzzle at any part of your body. “Quick draw” and ‘fast draw” techniques may result in serious injury or death. It is ultimately the user’s responsibility to practice safe weapons practices. Never store a gun in a holster.

Hunter holsters are sold “as is” and “with all faults”. All warranties of merchantability or fitness for intended purpose either expressed or implied, and liability for incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of any Hunter product are disclaimed and excluded from the retail sales transaction. At the time of the original retail sale and delivery, the purchaser or retailer assumes the entire risk and responsibility for determining the suitability and fitness of the product for the particular use intended. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties or liability for incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations and exclusions may not imply to you. The illustrations shown in Hunter literature are typical as to finish and application. Due to variances in color saturation, the actual product may differ slightly from that shown in our catalog.

FIREARMS AND ALCOHOL DO NOT MIX. Never handle or carry any firearm while under the influence of alcohol or while in the presence of someone under the influence of alcohol. Firearms should NEVER be used while under the influence of prescription or recreational drugs.
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