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Single Buscadero Belt

Original price $121.83 - Original price $128.99
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$121.83 - $128.99
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The Buscadero Belt is designed to work only with our 1060 Series Frontier Holster, 1100 Series Snap Off Belt Holster, and our 2200 and 2300 SureFit Series holsters. The curved design allows for a comfortable fit and an easy draw. Crafted with durable nylon thread used to make these design classics, guaranteed many years of enjoyment. Holds 25 rounds of .22 /.38 / .45 caliber cartridges in a chestnut tan color, a classic western style.

Available Models:
Model 152: .22 Caliber Single Belt
Model 155: .45 Caliber Single Belt
Model 158: .38 Caliber Single Belt


Belt Sizes: When selecting the correct belt size it is important to remember to add 2” To the waist size on your pants at minimum for correct sizing . These belts are traditionally worn over other cloths and multiple layers especially in winter.

  • Small: 28" - 33"
  • Medium: 34" - 39"
  • Large: 40" - 45"
  • X-Large: 46" - 51"


Proudly Made in Colorado, USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Jimmy the shooter
Made to small.

I got the 40-45 belt for my 38" waist and the last hole didn't fit. Had to dig out an old Harley buckle I had from 35 yrs ago to get the extra lenge to use the last hole on the belt. I make holsters from good quality leather that's thick. I work the designs on it and sew it together with a full backing that protects it from moisture from your legs sweating. I used my home made western holster and got it through the holster slot after some push and pulling it in place then fit the front and backing through the holster loop on my holster I made. It looked really good with my fancy designs. I own 2 45 colt revolvers. One blued model and one nickel plated. I say don't get the suggested size, go up one size larger than they say. I should have got the 50 up size to fit my 38" waist. It's made way smaller than they have listed. But it looks good and holds more holsters than they say too. The cartridge loops are tight but nice for holding your bullets in the belt good. I want a 2nd belt but buying the 50-60 size to have a proper fit over my pants that are 38's. The loops will hold a 357, 44 mag or 45's good. I am now going to order the largest belt on sale . Good luck .

Bruce the jarhead duke
Great American made leather rig!

his American made product is well worth the money. I have had obe of these for 30 years and it proved its workmanship well. The only reason I order a new one is because I needed a larger size. Great product and recommend to anyone.

I'd buy it again.

Good quality, fair price.

Runs small.

I ordered a "medium" belt, which should have fit my 35" waist, even over a pants belt. Had to get another one in "large". Other than that, works great. I use it for a Ruger Super Blackhawk in .44 mag. I don't need all the shell loops, I use it for hunting not target shooting, so I can carry 6 .44 Mag's on one end of the loops, and 6 of either .45/70 or .444 on the other end, leaving the middle loops empty. Works for horseback riding or riding in the UTV with the gunbelt on.

not sure why four star, should be five!!

This is the best price you will find on this belt. Also, The one I had, I've had for 25 years and was still is beautiful shape. I sold it for 40 and got this one to replace it. Same model and quality of my last one. no doubt will last me many years!