History of Hunter Company

Since 1952...

Hunter Company and Colorado Saddlery started in the same red brick building in downtown Denver - Both manufacturing high-quality leather products for range riders, border patrol, local government officials, and cowboys across the country. Together Hunter Company and CO Saddlery became the legendary one-stop shop for all your leather needs. Due to the high demand in both industries, both companies decided to relocate outside of the city to different locations across the front range.

Today, Hunter Company and CO Saddlery now reside in the same building in Westminster, CO, and have recently joined forces in leveraging our leather expertise with our innovation skills to provide the highest quality leather products the market has to offer.

Unlike most companies, we keep the customer's grandchildren in mind, while designing our products to be passed down from generation to generation.


Colorado Saddlery & Hunter Company

"Authentic Leather Goods for Guns & Cowboys"

 Proud Companies who supported John Wayne!


Western Reunion

Colorado Saddlery and The Hunter Company: Two Industry Leaders Reunite


Colorado Saddlery-The Leading Saddle and Tack Brand for the Ranch, the Range, and the Rodeo


In 1945, Colorado Saddlery was founded in downtown Denver by four young saddlemakers and a crew of Colorado cowboys. For 75 years, Colorado Saddlery has built professional-grade saddles for the horseman and horsewoman. The innovative, heirloom-quality products attract equestrians of all types, from ranch and feedlot cowboys to barrel racers and trail riders, to outfitters and guides, to western dressage riders, cutters, reiners, team ropers, steer wrestlers, and elk hunters alike. Esteemed among so many disciplines, the brand's legendary status is commemorated with a bronze saddle standing proudly in front of the American Quarter Horse Association headquarters.

In its early days, Colorado Saddlery began building holsters. Soon, the holster business outgrew the space, and The Hunter Company was born. The business was later sold in the 1980s. Recently, Co-owners Matt Wassam and Kim Haarberg had the opportunity to acquire The Hunter Company bringing the two legendary companies back under one roof.

Continually at the top of the list for fine saddle brands, the acclaimed Colorado Saddlery still constructs saddles that last a lifetime. Known for carrying the best warranty in the business for 15 years, the company provides folks who invest in these well-priced saddles the confidence to make an investment that will last a lifetime. One significant change the team has made in its product is the saddle's decreased weight to as little as 20-23 pounds in some versions. "In the past, a heavy saddle signaled quality, but now lightweight saddles, as we develop, prove to be more functional and what our customers are looking for," explains Matt Wassam, Co-Owner and CEO for Colorado Saddlery. Though the company still offers its heavy duty saddles, the new lines are offered with the latest innovations resulting in saddle production at about 10 pounds lighter than 30 years ago.

The Hunter Company-The Firearms Industry Leader


Today The Hunter Company is one of the most extensive firearms accessories, holsters, gun belts, and concealed carry equipment manufacturers worldwide. Hunter products are crafted in the 41,000 sq. ft. facility by American craftspeople. “One of the first things we did after buying the company was to purchase all US steer hides to build our products. After buying the company, one of the first things we did was to to buy all US steer hides to build our products out of. We desired to use only American cattle hides in our endeavor to support US Agriculture,” shares Wassam.

The Hunter Company handcrafts holsters for over 4000 different firearms that are handmade and well priced. Other products range from ammo pouches and conceal & carry belts to bird hunting supplies, dog collars, gun cases, and scabbards, and anything a hunter or firearms enthusiast desires. Hunter also makes handmade private-label corporate gifts like leather keychains, coasters, mouse pads, notebook covers, and other branded products with the company logo.

Same Objective, New Vision

Now, decades later, the two legendary brands reunite under one [huge] roof in the heart of Denver, Colorado. Steeped in history and beloved by their constant muse-the American Cowboy-these two companies come together again with a steadfast spirit to be the ultimate one-stop-shop for Western tack and handcrafted leather goods for the firearm and equine industries.

The union brings about a powerful team of fresh eyes leveraging their expertise to grow the two brands while staying true to the company's philosophies, offering the best price and quality, pursuing innovation, and producing locally. Being a team of horse-loving individuals who understand the working cowboy's needs, these collective companies prove to be dedicated to designing with timeless attention to the old west style paired with modern-day comfort.

The Brands on the Silver Screen (John Wayne)

Both companies attracted Oscar-winning actor John Wayne as a client. During the filming of the classic Western movie True Grit, Wayne took a gallop on his Hollywood stuntman's horse. Wayne loved the Colorado Saddlery product's ride and appearance so much that he wanted a saddle made for the film. Wayne halted production to have one custom designed for the role to pull-off the authentic cowboy on-screen in the way he rode and in his style.

A few years later, in 1976, Wayne commissioned The Hunter Company for his holster in his career's final cinematic role, The Shootist, which won him an Oscar for his portrayal of J.B. Books.

Over the years, other Hollywood favorites have helped spread both name-brands across the globe, with shows like Gunsmoke, and more recently, The Hunter Company's slings were seen in the hit show The Walking Dead.

Most recently, a Hunter Holster belonging to none other than the Lone Ranger sold at an auction in California. The Hunter Company built holsters and gun belts for the TV series. This particular holster was from actor John Hart's personal collection.


Written by: JocLene Davey