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SureFit Belt Holster (Suede Lined) - 2300 Series

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The 2300 Series American Full-Grain Leather SureFit Suede Lined Belt Holster comes in several sizes to accommodate multiple firearms and is only available in chestnut tan with heavy-duty nylon stitching. The 2300 Series SureFit Belt Holster features a snap-lock belt tab making it easy to remove the holster without removing your belt and a built-in rear sight guard.

Use with Hunter's Buscadero & Straight Cartridge Belt, Items Sold Separately

 Only Available In Right Hand 


The Hunter Company has been building quality leather holsters, belts, and accessories right in Westminster, Colorado USA since 1952. Each item is handcrafted by skilled American workers with their craftsmanship being passed down to future generations. Some of our longest-standing employees have been with us for over forty years. Hunter prides itself in offering an American made product at an affordable price for the consumer. We look forward to providing for fellow sportsmen and women for years to come.


Made in the USA - Since 1952

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

fit good on my 31 cal pocket pistol

It actually fits my pistol

It actually fits my pistolI have a cool target man pistol that 60 years old the holster strap fell off I ordered this holster and it's almost identical to the originalHolster it fits like a glove it's very well-made couldn't be happier thank your

Does fit a Colt Huntsman

I bought two of these holsters because I needed one for my Colt and one for the Ruger MK1. Perfect fit on the Colt and I am very happy with the product. Second holster fit the Ruger for size but the strap is too short. I need to buy guns to fit i guess.

The Hillbilly Hammer
A perfect fit!!

I had been looking for a new holster for my 50 year old Colt Huntsman pistol. Most of the stuff I tried was never a clean, smooth fit. But this holster is a perfect fit and great quality. I will recommend this holster to anyone needing one.

great fit

Great fit. I got what I expected. I'll probably order another one for my other revolver.