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Close Contact 3600 Holster

This holster fits my gun well and the heavy duty construction will last a long time. Will take a while to get it nice and broke in but I like it. I have several other Hunter holsters for my revolvers that I have been using for over 30 years and they are all still in great shape. Highly recommend this company.

Good quality, good price.

The cartridges were very tight going in and very tight coming out. After a few days of keeping cartridges in the loops and working them in and out everything works fine. The cartridges are held firmly but are plucked out easily when needed. The leather is of good quality and the stitching is well done with reenforcement rivets on the ends. Good quality for the money.

I would recommend this holster

Very high quality holster... My custom smith and Wesson 44mag fits unbelievably well in it... Holster keeps the pistol very secure, along with a great look and protection of the firearm... Hard to believe such a great holster for the price...


Great stuff You're missing out if you don't try this. I was hard headed too. No more

Well made with one minor modification.

I liked the quality of the product. The only thing I found uncomfortable was the slide with12 loops didn’t fit well between the belt loops on my pants. I cut a slot in the back side where I could fit the belt loop and it’s much more comfortable. Picture included.

I like this holster it is well made

This holster is well made and simple.


Very comfortable well-crafted gunslinger. Very satisfied with purchase.

I would definitely recommend this holster.

I use this holster when I'm out in the country working or having fun. It's perfect for the Rough Rider pistol I have.

Good product.

Could use instruction sheet showing options.

Good Belt

Fits my quick draw holsters well, and great quality.

Great Deal

Great Deal, better quality than I expected.

Excellent Ammo carrier. Easy on your belt, easy off. Great quality

Excellent quality and best thing is you use you own belt to carry the ammo. Looks great too. I will be buying more.

Just what I wanted

Good holster good price

Outstanding Holster

I almost did not buy this item because of the negative comments here in. My purchase proved to be an exceptional buy. No problems did I find with regards to holstering my S&W 44 mag. It's well made, comfortable and functions very good. I definitely recommend this holster.

I would definitely buy this again

Great belt slide that holds 12 rounds. Great product, very well made.

I would buy again

It's great to slide this belt slide on to my belt and go shooting targets. It's well made and looks great. 👍



Deluxe Sling
Excellent sling

I bought this for a rifle with a fancy wood stock that I didn't want to get scratched up by Chicago screws. It works quite well and looks good. The leather thongs are a bit fiddly to put on, but quite secure once done.

Fits !

Fits as it should ,good quality.

Great product, would definitely buy again

Product fit perfect. Good feel to it.

Fit is way too tight, not even close

The packaging on my holster clearly states, "Fits large frame single action revolvers with up to 5.5" barrel". Not even close. The fit is so tight I ended up trying the trick of soaking the holster in hot water, then wrapping my Uberti 1873 Cattleman 5.5" with Saran wrap, then forcing it into the holster. To get the gun to fit even remotely close without half the trigger guard outside the holster, you will break the stitching that runs outside at the very end where it meets the bottom of the trigger guard. Maybe I got a one-off bad holster, but looks like I'm stuck with it.

Very nice

It’s exactly what I was looking for works pretty good and looks great

Really nice leather holster

The fit is perfect for the gun I matched it to, and to boot, it smells like rich leather!

So far so good

I like the fit a how the holster sits on my side. Using this for my taurus tracker .357. Really waiting to use it during deer season.

THE shooting sling for hunters

It's really a shame that use of the shooting sling has almost become a lost art because it really does do wonders for accurate shooting from any field position in which the elbows are supported. The Whelen sling was designed by Mister Rifleman himself, Colonel Townsend Whelen, as the hunter's lighter, quicker, and easier alternative to the good old USGI military Model 1917 leather sling. The Whelen sling was the late, great Jack O'Connor's absolute favorite and he wrote, "Every game shot who takes his shooting seriously owes it to himself to get a good sling, then learn how to adjust it and use it." This is a stout, robust leather copy of the Whelen, built to last, and all my hunting rifles wear one. The only bad thing I can say about this product, as noted by others, is that the included instructions are pretty well worthless. But Townsend Whelen's book The American Rifle is available free on-line and the chapter entitled "Holding and Firing Positions" tells everything you need to know about the M1917 and Whelen slings and their use.