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Snap-Off Belt Holster (1100 Series)

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$69.99 - $69.99
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Ships within 3 business days

This holster is handcrafted by our artisans in the heart of Colorado. It typically takes 3 business days to build and ship.


The isn't just a holster; it's part of American history.

With the original snap-off design we invented over 50 years ago, it revolutionized the way we carry. This holster is the reason we became America's top choice in leather holsters, favored by legends like John Wayne and featured in iconic films such as The Shootist, Gunsmoke, The Walking Dead, and Lone Ranger. When you think of the Old West, you think of the Snap-Off Belt Holster.

You can quickly snap this holster on or off you without having to remove your belt, keeping you ready for whatever the day throws your way. It hugs your side just right, while ensuring your firearm stays put, whether you're hopping on a horse or leaning over a fence. With our rugged, full-grain American steerhide leather, this holster doesn’t just hold up—it gets better with every adventure, resisting wear and protecting your firearm from the elements. For those chasing the classic cowboy style with unmatched comfort, this is the holster for you.

  • Leather Type: 100% full grain vegetable-tanned northern American steerhide.
  • Leather Ply: Solid 1 piece full grain leather
  • Leather Thickness: 9-10 oz cut
  • Leather Color: Chestnut tan
  • Hardware: Brass snap with Hunter Company logo.
  • Stitching: 277 bonded-nylon tan thread with 80 lbs breaking strength per stitch.
  • Fit Type: Multi-fit. Each size can accommodate a range of different firearms.
  • Forming Type: Wet-molded, block-formed.
  • Clothing Compatibility: Designed to be worn with a belt.
  • Belt Compatibility: Compatible with belts up to 2” in width. We highly recommend the Close Contact CCW Belt.
  • Belt Slot Width: 2"
  • Carry Style: Outside the waistband (OWB)
  • Cant Angle: 0°
  • Retention Mechanism: Strap with snap. Snaps on and off without you having to remove your belt. A Hunter Company original invention.
  • Muzzle-End Style: Most are closed-ended. Some are built open-ended to accommodate long-barreled revolvers.
  • Maintenance Tips: Daily use and leather conditioner.
  • Available Draws: Right and left
  • Optics Compatible: No
  • Lights & Lasers Compatible: No
  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Country of Origin: Colorado, USA
  • Warranty: Handshake lifetime warranty
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100% Made In America

The Six Main Benefits

100% American Steerhide Leather

100% American Steerhide Leather

Our holsters are crafted from 100% full grain northern U.S. steerhide, chosen by hand and vegetable-tanned. Unlike competitors' stretch-prone, oily Indian Water Buffalo leather, ours is thick and durable thanks to the rigorous northern climates that strengthen our cattle.

It's not just any leather; it's the finest holster material money can buy.

Built to Last Generations

Built to Last Generations

From our hands to yours since 1952, our holsters are built to last generations. The unbeatable thickness and strength of our U.S. Steerhide ensures each holster doesn’t just last—it matures, developing a unique, handsome patina that captures stories and memories as enduring as the leather itself.

This is more than craftsmanship; it’s a legacy, meant to be passed down from generation to generation.

20% Thicker Leather: A Difference You Can Feel

20% Thicker Leather: A Difference You Can Feel

Our 9-10 oz leather cut is 20% thicker than the 6-7 oz industry norm, offering a difference you can truly feel. This added thickness means it's more durable, lasts longer, and simply feels better in your hands. We don’t compromise with thinner leather; our holsters are built to stand the test of time and elevate your daily experience.

Glove-Like Fit, Every Time

Glove-Like Fit, Every Time

This multi-fit holster is wet-molded and block-formed, arriving ready to accept your firearm – unlike the flat, unready ones from competitors. Honing our traditional pressure-forming technique for over 70 years, we guarantee holsters that keep their shape and effectiveness. Our use of 20-66 tons of pressure to form holsters means we can attain a level of precision and quality of fit that our competitors' vacuum forming process simply cannot match.

The Old-Fashioned Way of Holster Making

The Old-Fashioned Way of Holster Making

We craft our holsters the old-fashioned way— by hand, using techniques that outfitted legends like John Wayne. In an era dominated by mass manufacturing machinery, our handcrafted approach distinguishes every holster as a masterpiece of leatherwork. With decades of experience, our craftsmen can ensure a level of detail and durability that machines can't match. 

Made in America Since 1952

Made in America Since 1952

Rooted in over 70 years of tradition, The Hunter Company continues to produce the finest leather holsters right the heart of Westminster, Colorado. Our commitment to American craftsmanship and agriculture isn't just about national pride—it guarantees a holster made with care and precision that's only possible from generations of expertise.

Customer Reviews

Based on 330 reviews
I would recommend this holster

Very high quality holster... My custom smith and Wesson 44mag fits unbelievably well in it... Holster keeps the pistol very secure, along with a great look and protection of the firearm... Hard to believe such a great holster for the price...

I like this holster it is well made

This holster is well made and simple.

I would definitely recommend this holster.

I use this holster when I'm out in the country working or having fun. It's perfect for the Rough Rider pistol I have.

Just what I wanted

Good holster good price

Fits !

Fits as it should ,good quality.