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Flap Holsters

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Premium Leather Flap Holsters 

For over a century Flap Holsters have been popular with the military, cowboys in the west, law enforcement, and outdoor enthusiasts. The Hunter Flap Holsters are designed to provide maximum protection by completely covering your firearm. Available in a wide range of sizes to fit a variety of single action revolvers, these Flap Holsters are functionally comfortable for everyday use and in the field hunting.  


Examples of Large Frame Single Action Revolvers: 

Ruger Blackhawk 
Ruger Super Blackhawk (excludes Hunter Models) 
Ruger Vaquero 
Colt Single Action Army 
Uberti Cattleman 
Uberti Cattleman II 

Examples of Small Frame Single Action Revolvers: 

Ruger Wrangler 
Ruger Single Six 
Colt Frontier Scout 
Heritage Rough Rider 


Hunter Company's Flap Holsters are designed to fit most revolvers, including larger Ruger models. A bit of shaping may be required to achieve the optimal fit; for guidance, contact customer service for helpful tips. Enjoy total security for your revolver when you choose these premium quality holsters.

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