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Pocket Holster - 2500 Series

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The 2500 Series American Full-Grain Pocket Holster is designed to be worn in both front and back pockets. The 2500 Series Pocket Holsters are molded and edge dressed with durable nylon stitching, available in chestnut tan, and come in in several sizes to accommodate multiple firearms. Keep square to the outside of the pocket to Eliminate Printing. 

The Hunter Company has been building quality leather holsters, belts, and accessories right in Westminster, Colorado USA since 1952. Each item is handcrafted by skilled American workers with their craftsmanship being passed down to future generations. Some of our longest-standing employees have been with us for over forty years. Hunter prides itself on offering an American made product at an affordable price for the consumer. We look forward to providing for fellow sportsmen and women for years to come.


Made in the USA - Since 1952

Customer Reviews

Based on 154 reviews
Jim in Idaho
I would buy this again.

I have bought 3 of these over the last 10 yrs or so. They eventually "print thru" and when that happens, I buy a new one. Usually, I trace a circular line around a nickel and use tin snips to cut off the square corners, this makes the holster both more comfortable when inside the pant pocket and also a bit easier to get in and out.

Bjorn Lovoll

Solid, well made. Fits my SW 380 bodyguard like a glove. If I had one wish, it would be that the back piece was slightly thicker since it curls slightly at the edges when used a lot.

Highly recommended.

No printing

Holds both my Ruger LCP and Kimber Micro 9. No pocket printing of the firearm.

David Regan
Nice Pocket Holster for the SIG P238

When I first received the holster it was a bit too snug for my Sig. The leather may have shrunk a bit in storage. This was easily corrected. Simply wrap the pistol in wax paper and insert it into the holster. Let it sit for several days and now it's a perfect fit for the Sig 238. If it's still a bit snug wrap the pistol in wax paper again, insert it into the holster for another day or two. It works like a top. It also gives a very light wax coating to the interior of the holster. The holster is a bit minimalistic but that's what I needed in a pocket holster. I can easily draw the pistol from the holster. The oversize leather flap hangs up in my pocket as I pull the Sig from the holster. I couldn't have asked for a better fit.

Perfect for pocket carry

Perfect holster for pocket carrying. Takes little practice to get the draw right and no printing