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Pro-Hide™ Open Top Holster - 5200 Series

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The American Full-Grain Leather Pro-Hide™ Open Top Holster is built for quick handgun accessibility with a trigger guard tension screw and precise hand bonding to allow maximum handgun retention. The reinforced opening allows one-handed holstering.

The  Pro-Hide™ Open Top Holster comes molded to fit in several sizes to accommodate multiple firearms and is available in chestnut tan with a black tension screw adjustment for a precise fit. The holster can be used on belts up to 1 3/4" wide.

The Hunter Company has been building quality leather holsters, belts and accessories right in Westminster, Colorado USA since 1952. Each item is handcrafted by skilled American workers with their craftsmanship being passed down to future generations. Some of our longest-standing employees have been with us for over forty years. Hunter prides itself in offering an American made product at an affordable price for the consumer. We look forward to providing for fellow sportsmen and women for years to come.


Made in the USA - Since 1952

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Bought to use with a Ruger SR22, 3.5"

The holster seems to be of good quality, materials and craftsmanship. The leather is firm and the pistol fits nice and tight only time and use will tell how loose it might become. I was a little disappointed how far out from my body it rides. This make for a hard conceal but an easier draw.


I would recommend this Holster to fellow 1911 owners. The leather is thick and top grade cow hide. Used mink oil and holstered my 1911 in a plastic bag in it for a few days to break it in. This is the second holster from Hunter. The first one had to be sent back because of the finish, tanning wasn't finished on it. By sending it back I lost the free shipping that came with it when I ordered the second time!!! Lacking on Quality Control at Hunter. They need to check there products out before shipping them!

Versatile holster

I started out using it for my Browning HP, now I've got my Taurus 1911 in it. It holds the pistol close to my body so it's good for concealed carry. It's a keeper.

Scottie to hottie
I would buy this product again.

Use this holster for practice. Is easy to draw pistol and reholster.Great quality and workmanship. Look foreward to years of service. The tension screw makes it easy to adjust for your situation weather it be plinking or competition.

I don't know

I had originally got this holster for one of my 1911s. But they would not fit. Even with the retention screw all of the way out. But then I tried one of my browning H.P.s in it. And it fit like a glove. I tightened up the retention screw and all is good.